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Hebei University of Economics and Business is the backbone of the University of the key construction inHebei Province, one of its predecessor: the foundation in October 1978, in Hebei Province, and evennational reputation Hebei University of Economics and Business.
Hebei Institute of Finance and Economics, began in the Hebei Economic and Trade University in 1968 andwas built in 1984, Hebei Business College in 1995 merged to form a provincial Finance undergraduatecolleges, when he was President, Comrade Jiang Zemin personally for school wrote the name of the school. The school has more than 50 years of school history, held 30 years years of undergraduate education. Undergraduate Teaching for the Ministry of Education in 2004, the school assessment wasexcellent.
Hebei Institute of Finance and Economics in 1995, Hebei Economic and Trade University, Hebei BusinessCollege merged to form Hebei University of Economics and Business
Hebei Institute of Finance and Economics
Hebei Finance and Trade School was upgraded to Hebei Institute of Finance and Trade in 1978
Hebei Institute of Finance and Trade renamed Hebei Institute of Finance and Economics in 1983
Hebei Institute of Finance and Economics is the most brilliant predecessor of Hebei University of Economics and Business schools, Hebei small Tsinghua reputation cultivate the of Hebei financial auditsector, half of the elite of the financial system. Hebei Institute of Finance and Economics faculty is strong,to frequent academic achievements, then entry score once close to Tsinghua University Beijing University.
Second, Hebei Economic and Trade Institute
1968 cadre school in Hebei Province to create
Cadre school in Hebei Province was renamed in 1980 in Hebei Province cadre school
Hebei cadre school was upgraded in 1982 in Hebei Province Construction Institute
Hebei Construction Institute in 1983 renamed Hebei Economic Management Personnel Institute
Hebei Economic Management Institute was renamed the Hebei Economic and Trade University in 1994
, Hebei Business College
Business Cadre School of Hebei Province in 1984 upgraded Hebei College of Business
Hebei College of Business in 1992 changed its name to the College of Hebei Business
Into the business school in 2000, Hebei Hebei University of Economics and Business
Hebei Financial schools merged into Hebei University of Economics and Business in 1998
Hebei electronic industrial schools merged into Hebei University of Economics and Business in 2002


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