Concordia University’s vice president have visited Hebei University of Economic and Business
Date Time:2015-10-15 15:45:12

September 16 to 18,Allen Mel,the vice president of Amrican Concordia University,had a visit on our university with a friendly four-visiting mission.Ji Lianggang,the vice secretaty of the party committee and the headmaster,Chen Liang,the party standing committee,confabulated with the visiting mission.The functionary of relevant departments participated in the meeting,such as The center of International Communication,the academy of Business Administration,the Financial Affairs Office.

Chen Liang introduced the situation of the cooperative project between two universities,summarizing our university’s project promoting work in five aspects,such as further revise in teaching plan,selecting excellent English teacher and diglossia teacher in whole school scope,adjusting the policy of enrolling new students of 2015 grade and so on.He generalized the cooperation of our two school as “progress smoothly,cooperation pleasantly,taking a heavy burden and embark on a long road,a bright future”,and put forward the next work goal clearly which is making it become our university’s brand project,become the HeBei province’s brand project.

In the conference, the two sides poposed solutions about the detail questions and agreed on with it,such as the normal method excellent teachers,the teaching fee payment method,the student language training, the binding degree award,the tuition waiver,the student registration template settings and so on.

Chicago Concordia University is our university’s important strategic partners in America,in the process of cooperative education project of the two major of Human resource management and M arketing,we both mutual referenced and common improved,achieved win-win in multiple fields of teaching,researching and management.


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