Culture Exploration to Qufu and Mount. Taishan by IES International Students
Date Time:2015-10-13 17:33:56

To implement the spirit of related documents of the Education Ministry and China Scholarship Council,and enrich education activities in order to cultivate international students the consciousness of China, IES organized international students to carry out culture exploration to Qufu and Mount. Taishan from June 14 to June 16. The activity, leaded by Dean Cheng Jian and Deputy Dean Zhang Xiying, involved four teachers as well as 20 international students from Pakistan, Nepal, Madagascar,  Cote d'ivoire, etc.


  The international students climbed Mount. Taishan ranking first of five great mountains to experience Taishan culture, visited Qufu the home of Confucius to comprehend Confucius plus Confucian Culture, and appreciated Shangdong clapper ballad with dialect characteristics. During the period, teachers introduced the specific status of Mount. Taishan as well as Confucius and Confucian Culture combing the culture exploration and class teaching. Thereafter, the international students will participate in the competitions of photography and writing with their views to memorize all feelings.

   It’s the second one of education activities in this semester, through which international students promote their understanding Chinese culture, history and geography, improve their Chinese language skills and also aspire their interests in learning Chinese and Chinese culture.


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