University of Saskatchewan Visited Heuet
Date Time:2015-09-22 10:44:55

University of Saskatchewan Visited Heuet

    At June 25, a delegation led by Mr. Dell who is the representative of Recruit Students in China of Canada University of Saskatchewan visited Hebei University of Economics and Business. University of Saskatchewan is a public comprehensive university built in 1907, leading the universities by its academic achievements in Canada. It is especially famous for the majors like Medicine and Accounting, and cooperation prospect with our university is extensive.

    Mr. Dell with companions visited our library and teaching buildings firstly. Then, they exchanged some views with Chen Liang, standing committee of Heuet, and related personnel of Interenational Exhange Centre extensively in No.2 Meeting Room. Two parties exchanged ideas on the issues for example, exchange of students and faculty, Confucius Institute and Cooperative Education etc, the cooperation possibility on the aspects above discussed. At noon, Chen Liang held a luncheon received guests.

    This visiting enhanced further the relationship between our university and universities at Canada, settling foundation for broadening the cooperation on multi-fields and levels with universities at Canada. 


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