Princess of Local Tribe Learned Chinese
Date Time:2015-07-15 16:24:02
In December, 2013, Lengu, daughter of His Royal Highness Chief Mukuni started her Chinese language learning in Livingstone Institute of Business and Engineer Studies (LIBES). Lengu is the first princess to learn Chinese among the princesses of more than 200 tribes in Zambia. LIBES in Southern Province of Zambia is one of the teaching spots of Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia. Since its foundation in January, 2012, LIBES,to meet the need of Zambian society, has provided many types of Chinese courses, such as Basic Chinese Course for adults, Tourist Chinese as a compulsory course for students majoring in Tourism, Chinese Training programs for Top Administration Staff in local hotels and staff in Police Service Headquarters in Zambia. Besides language teaching, LIBES has also held kinds of colorful activities, such as Chinese and Zambian Cuisine, Poetry Reading, Experience of Chinese Tea Culture and so on. All of these aroused public attention and even important members of Zambian Government and chiefs of local tribes showed great interest in Chinese culture.

 Mukuni is one of the large tribes in Zambia, and there are 32 area chiefs with approximately one million and three hundred thousand subjects within Zambia, covering southern, northern and eastern provinces. There is also one chief in Congo and three in Zimbabwe who are all under King Mukuni’s reign. The chief of the Mukuni is the most influential one in Zambia. Graduated from British college, the chief once worked as the General Manager in BP PLC, and he has great foresight in international affairs. He believes that China is becoming more and more powerful in the world. Now his family and he have strong interest in Chinese culture, and he is quite supportive to let his children learn Chinese so that they can go to China for further study in the near future. Confucius Institute at The University of Zambia attaches great importance to Mukuni Tribe Princess’ learning Chinese and has worked out a specific teaching plan for the special trainee, hoping to achieve a better effect.

 The news that Mukuni Tribe Princess learns Chinese has spread nationwide and it helps raise the impact of Chinese language and culture on Zambian society and has aroused public attention.

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